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Rent a Car Iasi

Grasu XXL Live @ Time Out, 15 Martie

Grasu XXL Live @ Time Out, 15 Martie
Hey hey hey!
Anul trecut a iesit nebunie, asa ca Sambata asta hai sa facem galagie si mai mare pentru Grasu XXL, un showman care nu mai are nevoie de nici o prezentare.
Vin si Maria si Ioana, cele doua fete suspecte care au intrat in istorie pentru ca nu lasa amprente, asa ca e posibil sa ajungem si prin Olanda. Citeste tot…

Life is a Party, dress like it! @ Time Out, 20 ianuarie

Life is a Party, dress like it! @ Time Out, 20 ianuarie
Hey darling,
Go forth and be fabulous, because life is short so make every outfit count.
This saturday dress how you want to be addressed. Glasses are sexy, smiles are always in fashion, colours light up your soul. Citeste tot…

Arilena Ara - Live Performance @ Time Out, 16 decembrie

Arilena Ara - Live Performance @ Time Out, 16 decembrie
Dragi prieteni,
Ca un cadou inainte de sarbatori, Arilena Ara, artista care a luat cu asalt topurile cu release-ul ‘Nentori’, concerteaza in premiera la Iasi. Citeste tot…

Petrecere aniversara: 11 ani de Time Out, 11 noiembrie

Petrecere aniversara: 11 ani de Time Out, 11 noiembrie
11 is the symbol for NOW.
It’s a reminder to celebrate the present and be grateful for everything you have.
Time Out is celebrating 11 years of great memories, amazing food, fantastic cocktails and beautiful people. But this year we don’t want to look back to the past or dream of new plans for the future.
We just want to thank you for being part of our story, by reminding you and ourselves that NOW is all we’ve really got.
And right NOW is the youngest we are ever going to be.
So let us celebrate the moment and dance the night away.
RIGHT NOW is a gift. That’s why it’s called the PRESENT.
Happy birthday, today and everyday! Citeste tot…

Black Glue @ Time Out, 27 octombrie

Black Glue @ Time Out, 27 octombrie
Sânge tânăr, puls ridicat, spirit necenzurat.
Încingem ringul de dans ca niciodată.
Aducem muzica neagră într-o noapte plină de sete.
Facem joia echivalentă cu hip-hop-ul și-o umplem Citeste tot…

Black Glue @ Time Out, 13 octombrie

În Iași se simte de mult lipsa dansului liber.
Se simte lipsa diversității.
Lipsa lipiciului pe ring.
Și care lipici e mai puternic decât cel negru?
Muzica neagră e plină de pasiune, tupeu și expresivitate. Citeste tot…

Alice in Autumnland, 24 septembrie

Alice in Autumnland, 24 septembrie
Doamnelor și domnilor,
Sâmbăta asta, Alice vă provoacă să vă jucați cu imaginația, să lăsați creativitatea să curgă și să vă rostogoliți prin vizuina iepurelui, prin frunze și castane.
Citeste tot…

Toga Experience @ Time Out, 9 iulie

Dear friends,
This Saturday is for those who see the world in a different way and for those who change the history by creating something unusual. We will revive the exuberant parties that the romans used to have in the past and celebrate the unique points of view, the special personalities and the glory of the rebels. Citeste tot…

All beards on us @ Time Out, 25 iunie

All beards on us @ Time Out, 25 iunie
Dear beard growers and girl followers, we have the pleasure to beard up for an exclusive night with the most talented bearded boy, Silviu Pasca.Tip of the night: Guys, if u don’t have a beard already, leave your girlfriend at home. Citeste tot…

Balançoire @ Time Out, 18 iunie

Hai să spunem TIMEOUT la realitate măcar pentru o seară și să intrăm într-o lume de basm.
Te așteptăm cu BALANÇOIRE pe terasa noastră magică, să ne legănăm împreună pe ritmuri de funk, disco și bătăi de inimă fascinată. Citeste tot…

EXTRAVAGANZA @ Time Out, 14 mai

EXTRAVAGANZA @ Time Out, 14 mai

The fashionable life of our surreal times transposed into one night! Break the barriers and let your spirit act free, wild and extravagant. Wear it “all” and you will be rewarded! Note to self: Different is beautiful! Citeste tot…

Summer in the City @ Time Out, 25 iulie

Let`s revive the nights when you had your first summer crush,when you danced until dawn and when you have been sun-kissed in the morning.
Here`s to a mesmerizing summer night, filled with colourful cocktails, love stories and little items that make the difference for a bold and sexy surfing look! Citeste tot…

Born to be Wild @ Time Out, 16 mai

POWER ON the engine and head out for adventure, because on Saturday we invite you to be part of the crowd that will experience an extremely wild atmosphere. Release the verve and energy under your leather jacket for a night that will rock the dark! Step on to the wild side and set free the rebel inside you, party hard, do things you`re afraid to do, laugh endlessly. After all, the youth don’t last forever! Citeste tot…

Papa don’t preach @ Time Out, 25 aprilie

Dear friends it`s time to rewind a few decades and feel more freedom than ever! JUST express yourself!
Scream against all rules, never obey, shout out your point of view and show everyone that your perspective of life equals freedom. Be dangerous, be naughty rebels, be innovative leaders, be yourselves! Citeste tot…

Cinderella lost her Jimmy Choo @ Time Out, 14 martie

Cinderella lost her Jimmy Choo @ Time Out, 14 martie
It’s not so funny to grow up, because we don’t believe in fairy-tales anymore. But we should still believe in the magic of making our dreams come true and writing our own modern story. Nowadays, Cinderella is about the girl that wants to have the time of her life and party with the prince, the right one to find the Jimmy Choo that fits her best. So, ladies, let’s party like there’s no midnight! And gents, just act beyond their expectations! Dress code: princess for the ladies & charming for gentlemen. Citeste tot…

Walk of Fame @ Time Out, 21 februarie

Walk of Fame @ Time Out, 21 februarie
Everybody dreams of being a movie star. The fame, the fortune and the good times, that`s what it`s all about.
On saturday, Time Out will make you part of The Walk of Fame. You`ll be voting for the most fabolous event that we hosted last year. Join the nominees and party with the stars. Ladies, put on your dress and stilettos and gents you know what to wear at this event. Citeste tot…

Tales & Cockteils @ Time Out, 30 ianuarie

We proudly invite you to take part in the Story of the Senses, where the main characters are the drinks and the narrator is the bartender. The action takes place in an Orient Express of Flavors, that will take us through Mexico, France and Scotland. Citeste tot…

Wanted: Wild and Stylish @ Time Out, 29 noiembrie

Wanted: Wild and Stylish @ Time Out, 29 noiembrie
If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride and set your spirit free and wild, in a unique night full of rare elements of beauty, grace and unforgettable moments.
Just show us your modern and stylish interpretation of the wild west fashion. Citeste tot…

Aye Aye Captain @ Time Out, 5 iulie

Ahoy mates! Take a big breath and let`s dive into the deep blue sea, because we`re bringing the beach to the city!
This saturday night is going to be so hot, that you you`re going to need your bathing suit.
Don`t forget to wear blue in any shade or form.
Captain Time Out has many surprises instored for this cruise, so all aboard! Citeste tot…

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