Inappropiate behavior POOL party, 25 August

Let’s get wet! The pool is calling, we must dive in!

Every summer has a story!
This Saturday we meet again and we enjoy the last summer weekend in a swimsuit!
We throw the most crazy and bursting party at the pool so bring with you your friends and your summer mood!
If you sink into the water, we promise you that you will not regret it!

Ps: Get ready for a serious bath!
Ps2: Do not worry, we also have towels and flamingo swimmer for you!

Petrecerea de sâmbătă va avea loc in zona de agrement Ciric la locatia fostului SKIN de vara! Vă așteptăm începând cu ora 20:00! Nu uitați costumul de baie acasă!

Dj set: Dj Pado&Andrew Riddle
Booking info: 0740.133.133

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