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Nerds în stresiune & Gagici în acțiune @ Time Out, 26 Ianuarie

– Are you a nerd?
– No, I prefer the term intellectual badass!

Ladies & Gents … or should we address you with Nerds and chicks? It’s your choice.
Having a little bit of naughty fun is a great way to make Saturdays a lot more exciting. Are we right?

You can study tomorrow for your next exams because you’ll learn a lot even at the party.
Let’s misbehave together. We have nothing to lose.
Don’t forget to do your homework because our ladies will punish you very badly!
At least, we warned you!

You’re in our inappropriate thoughts … it’s so hard to resist!

Dress Code: Nerds wearing glasses and ladies wearing nothing.
Nerds of the night: DJ Pado & Andrew Riddle
Book a desk: 0740.133.133.


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