Expert Network Tech Days 2018

This summer seems to be all about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We are joining the hype with our annual TechDays event, since we have the ambitious goal of constantly keeping up with the latest technologies.

Expert Network Tech Days 2018 aims to answer the everlasting question of how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing society and the foundations of how we build software solutions.

During the two days, our guest speakers Stefano Tempesta (http://www.tempesta.space/) and Vlad Iliescu (https://www.vladiliescu.ro/) together with talented people of Expert Network will share insights of how the world is shaped by two of the current hottest topics in IT. High level presentations, real life examples and hands-on advice from our top developers will be included.

Curious to join?

The second day of the event, 16th of June, is open for intermediate to experienced developers, enthusiasts eager to learn about AI and ML. Seats are limited. If you want to secure your place, contact a friend of yours working with us to obtain your invitation, or use the registration form on our page: http://techdays.expertnetwork.ro/

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