3 simple, but effective dental marketing ideas and strategies

The problem is that most of them are so superficial and don’t offer you a proper context in which you can apply them.

How does this article win a prize?

First, all the ideas are practical. You can start applying them from tomorrow.

More precisely, you’ll find:

  • Internet dental marketing ideas
  • Banner dental marketing ideas
  • Social media dental marketing ideas
  • Email dental marketing ideas
  • And much, much more.

Second, you’ll also find some high-level dental marketing strategies that will help you see the overall picture of your dental practice marketing efforts.

Ready? Let’s get to work!

Dental Marketing Ideas

The dental marketing ideas presented below work best when combined together. We’ll see in the “dental marketing strategies” part how you can use them together to effectively promote your office.

1. Google Ads

If you need patients fast, this is the marketing channel you should start with.

How does it work? Very simple.

You choose some keywords for which you want your ad to show up for.

For example, let’s say you want you ad to show up in Google only when someone searches for “dentist in New York” or “dental implants in New York”.

Next, you create some simple text ads that contain 2 headlines and a short description. It takes under one hour to setup a basic campaign.

And here comes the best part:

If people click on your ad, you are charged a certain amount of money per click.

If no one clicks your ad, you don’t pay anything.

The bottom line is this: Google Adwords helps you get people on your website who are actually looking for your dental services. You don’t waste money advertising to people who don’t want to hear about your company.

2. Facebook Ads

With Facebook you can laser target people based on demographics and certain interests.

Let’s say you offer pediatric services. You can target moms that have kids between 6 and 12 years who live only in your neighbourhood.

The downside of using Facebook as a dental internet marketing channel is that you cannot target people who have dental problems. Facebook doesn’t know when someone has a toothache. Google, on the other hand, is a higher-intent channel.

3. SEO

SEO is similar to dental Adwords. It helps you get targeted traffic.

The good part is that it is free. It costs you nothing to appear in Google (in the organic part).

Yes, paying someone to optimize your website for search engines isn’t a cheap service. But once you get there, you have free new patients coming every single month.

The downside of SEO is that it is a long-term strategy. It takes several months (even a year!) to appear on the first page, depending on the competition.

But again, this is one of the best ways to promote your dental office in the long run!

Dental Marketing Strategies

There are a lot of marketing strategies that can work very well for different industries. But today we’ll see one of the best dental marketing strategies that works for promoting a dental office.

Step 1 – Get relevant traffic

Relevant traffic means attracting people who are either looking for your services or they’re looking to find out an answer to a question.

You can do this either by Google Ads or by optimizing your website for search engines.

For example, you can create ads that show up for people who search “dentist in New York” or you can get traffic by creating a massive article that answers to every question related to dental implants.

Now, a good part of this traffic won’t end up your customer. Actually, 99% of them will leave your website without scheduling for an appointment.

And this leads us to step #2.

Step #2 – Use retargeting to convince people to take action

Dental services aren’t easy to choose.

This is why in order for a person to become a patient he needs a lot of trust in you and your services.

And retargeting helps you do just that. Retarget helps you keep in touch with “lost” visitors.

Thanks to retargeting, you can now show an ad (or another piece of content) to people who visited your website, but didn’t convert.

What can you show them?

Well, you can gain their trust by showing some testimonials from previous customers. Or you can further answer to some questions they still might have.

What’s next

If you need patients fast, use targeted ads to drive traffic. But in the long run think of how can you 1) get more relevant traffic and 2) how can you earn people’s trust and establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

In this way your conversion rate will skyrocket and you’ll get more patients from the same traffic.

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