Techno Wall #030 w/ Cabana Libre, 7 Septembrie

We’re sunsetting Summer! Fading out the waves of Summer heat, into the beat of Techno Wall Autumn season! And it’s a special one: the 12h transition builds from a TERRACE dusk into the classic INDOOR – dancing towards the dawn and daylight –

And we’ve got just the right guest to highlight this journey! Cabana Libre
Originally from the Netherlands, but having lived in Spain, Croatia and Czechia, Cabana Libre delivers a revigorating mix of techno, house and deep house. He has been playing on stages of the best clubs in Prague for the last 2 years and it’s his first time playing in Romania. He’ll be going through the full spectrum of vibes, starting on the Terrace and closing the Indoor party. Let’s give him a warm welcome!

Joining the decks of Techno Wall for the first time, but being a close friend of the movement, we have the pleasure to also welcome Donisan! The host of Brutaria lu’ Donisan, a versed connoisseur of the underground and more, he will slowly bring us into Techno Wall #030’s vibe. Eclectic tunes, into the sunset!

► Join us BEFORE 22:00 and you get out of Summer FREE!
► Start your night AFTER 22:00 and you share 15 LEI to support the movement!
► Late bloomers, joining AFTER 05:00 will feel the vibe for FREE!


> Praise Detroit for Techno < > Honor the Berlin Spirit < > Value the London Warehouse Techno < > Embrace the Amsterdam Techno Mood < > Long Live the Ibiza Techno Vibe < -------------------------------------------------------- We support the Techno spirit in Iasi! #technofreak #technowall #technowalliasi #technowallparty Access is forbidden for people under 18 years old.

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